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Our Montessori early years school is known as the Children's House, a unique setting where educators, parents and visitors demonstrate the utmost respect for our children and for our special learning environment.  With gentle guidance, we encourage our children to discover their unique abilities, acquire a lifelong love of learning and become independent within their community.   Located in Hope Island within the Northern Gold Coast, our 32-place Children's House offers a rich and unique curriculum in a peaceful, nurturing environment featuring natural materials and plenty of sunshine.  We invite you to learn more about our values and vision here.    


The Nido
18 months-3yrs

The word ‘Nido’ is derived from the Italian word meaning ‘nest’ and it conveys the spirit of our toddler environment - comforting and warm, with care being taken to provide nurturing in a calm environment to enhance the development of our young children.  

Within our beautiful Nido room, our children learn the key competencies of a Montessori environment through Practical Life, developing the foundations to meet more  advanced activities.   We place great emphasis on the practical side of education and materials as the children develop responsibility, concentration and abstract thinking.  Under the gentle guidance of our Educators, our children gain confidence, motor skills, social emotional development, enhancing learning dispositions and form a sense of belonging and identity.

The Casa
​3-6 years

Our Casa classroom offers a unique blend of the Montessori method, the Early Years Framework and the QLD Kindergarten Curriculum. Our environment encompasses a rich program based on Montessori concepts, holistic learning development and the children’s emerging interests.

We place great importance on children developing competence in all aspects of their development as they become confident individual lifelong learners.  Under the guidance of our Montessori qualified educators and Kindergarten Teacher, we offer an exceptional program and environment for our 3-6 year old children, preparing them not just for school, but for life.

Our Free Flow Environment

Reflecting our authentic Montessori approach, we offer an indoor-outdoor program where all children have free choice to move between one and the other throughout the work cycle each morning.


Meaningful learning experiences and opportunities to connect with nature takes place both indoors and out through both intentional lesson planning and spontaneous activities led by the children's focuses at any given time.   

This beautiful element of the Montessori program allows children to follow their true interests, to have exposure to a wider range of activities and to further develop independence and responsibility.

Our Children's House operates Mon-Fri from 7am - 5.30pm 52 weeks per year.  We are closed on Regional, State and National Public Holidays.

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