With a diversity of cultures and experiences and a range of Montessori and Early Childhood qualifications,  our Educators gently guide children to discover their unique strengths at their individual pace. Inspired by Maria Montessori, our dedicated Educators are genuinely passionate about making a wonderful difference in the lives of children during their precious early years. 

I am delighted to be the Early Childhood Teacher at Hope Island Montessori. I hold a Diploma level qualification and am currently studying a Bachelor of Education. My previous teaching experience includes early childhood, primary, secondary and additional needs education sectors.


I have a strong passion for creating a meaningful and holistic educational program that compliments the Montessori program, wholly supporting children as they prepare for their journey into school.  Emotional regulation techniques, clear communication, pro-social skills, fine and gross motor movements, sustainable practices, respect for and understanding of diversity and school readiness are all important elements of our unique Kindergarten program. 


Here in the Children's House, my heart feels at home. It’s lovely to have found a community with an ethos that aligns with mine – a place that also values holistic education for its meaningful outcomes and endless possibilities.


Leigh Hassell

Children's House Directress 

My name is Leigh Hassell, I am a qualified Director with an Advanced Diploma of Children’s Services.  It is a pleasure to offer 18 years of directorship experience to the Hope Island Montessori  Community. 

The Montessori philosophy beautifully supports my passion for providing the highest quality care and education for children, as well as my commitment to life-long learning based on my belief that all children are to be treated as individuals and should be able to learn and grow without bias or discrimination. 

Here at Hope Island Montessori,  my goal is to continually seek out ways to offer the best possible support to families and Educators to ensure a sincere and caring environment that nurtures the whole child. 

Sheye Rosemeyer

Children's House Owner

As a Mother to six wonderful children who have thrived through Montessori,  I have a genuine passion and commitment towards offering other families the same valuable opportunity. 

Every day, I strive to create an exceptional experience for our beautiful children in their most precious early years.  I truly believe there is nothing more important than helping laying the foundations for children to grow into capable, confident and kind people.  I am privileged to be supported by a wonderful team of Educators who share my vision to offer the very best in quality Montessori early learning and loving care within a truly beautiful environment.


I greatly enjoy working closely with our Educators and families to witness the direct benefits of Montessori education in our children and to help maintain the high standards I would expect as a parent myself, first and foremost. 

Jane Lee

Lead Educator - Casa

My name is Jane Lee.  I was born and raised in South Africa and after immigrating to England in my late twenties, I decided to pursue my passion for the Montessori Method of teaching.  I enrolled at the Maria Montessori Training organisation and qualified in 2001.

Over the past 15 years I have gained a great deal of experience in various Montessori schools on the Gold Coast. Both of my sons attended Hope Island Montessori and are all but too pleased that their mother is going to be back in a Montessori environment as they know that’s where I am happiest.

I love working with the beautiful children of Hope Island Montessori and putting into practice this wonderful method of education.  I aim to guide each and every child in his/her activities academically, spiritually, emotionally and physically in this beautifully prepared Montessori environment whereby he/she will be challenged to reach his/her full potential.  

Caitlyn van Baak

Lead Educator - Nido

My name is Caitlyn and I am the Lead Educator in Nido.    I have a Diploma qualification and twelve years experience in Early Education, including management and team leader positions.  I absolutely love working alongside children and feel very lucky to be able to guide the learning and growth of our toddlers each day.   My role in the Children's House allows me the valuable opportunity to explore unique and innovative ways to compliment our Montessori program, building each child's individual strengths and preparing them for school and life.


I feel very grateful to be working in our beautiful Children's House and collaborating with such lovely families and passionate Educators to provide loving care and quality education  for our children.

Taylor Wells - McFarlane

Early Childhood Teacher


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