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We strongly believe that by establishing harmony between the child's home and the Children's House, we can achieve gentle transitions with a strong sense of security.  We strive to become familiar with the ideas, routines and goals of parents, incorporating aspects of the home culture into our program and nurturing in ways that are familiar to the child where-ever possible.  For children entering our Kindergarten program, our teacher is available to conduct a home visit to get to know your family and environment, further strengthening the bond between your home and ours.  


We love to celebrate a range of special days in the Children’s House each year and warmly invite our families to participate in these much loved events.   Our celebrations include Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Grandparents Day, Winter Solstice,  Community Day and Kindergarten Graduation.   



We greatly value parent participation in the development of our program, whether it be liaising with your child’s teacher, being involved in Children's House events or sharing any interesting aspects of your family or working lives to enrich the experiences of  the children.  


Each day we share our experiences of learning and play through Storypark online where parents can follow their child's progress and communicate with our Educators. Throughout the year we invite families and the wider community into the Children's House to celebrate a range of special occasions and cultural events.    We  also offer on-going and personalised support and guidance for families wishing to incorporate Montessori practices into the home environment.

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