We aim to provide the highest quality care whilst delivering an exceptional  Montessori program, reflected directly through our children.


To provide our children with a holistic education, based in the Montessori principle of “Following the Child” that allows them to contribute as global citizens who think creatively, work independently, communicate effectively and develop the necessary skills to continue learning throughout life.


We believe Hope Island Montessori should:


_ provide a caring, supportive, safe and peaceful early learning environment where all children are respected and loved as unique individuals

 ~ cultivate a joyful, enduring love of learning, while fostering independence, responsibility, and self-discipline

 ~ encourage and model the values of respectfulness, honesty, integrity, good manners and peacefulness

 ~ welcome enrolments of all faiths, value and celebrate ethnic diversity and recognise a wide range of interests and abilities


 ~ enjoy strong relationships with the immediate and wider community, offering support, information and positive collaborations  whenever possible

 ~ attract, support, and retain Educators and families dedicated to fulfilling our mission for the benefit of the whole child