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Nido Drop Off/Pick Up Routine:


Starting your child’s morning with consistency and positivity sets the tone for the rest of the day and upholds the Montessori values of order and independence.  To support the best possible transition for your child, we would greatly appreciate if parents could adhere to the following:


  • During transition, please drop off and return for pick up at the designated time.  Session times are carefully designed to coincide with specific activities to ensure your child has a gentle introduction to their new room and friends. 

  • Please encourage your child to carry their own bag and belongings from the car, practicing car park safety (using “walking feet”, “looking eyes”).  

  • Encourage your child to have their biggest smile ready to greet their teacher. 

  • Prepare for separation with cuddles, kisses and reassuring words before ringing the bell.

  • Keep handover short and positive with parents remaining at the gate.  

  • Refrain from calling out to your child once departed.

  • Please keep pick up short as children may begin to fret about their parent leaving again.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions at any time.  You are also welcome to contact the Director or your child's teacher via Story Park child notes or email.

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