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Please provide the following named/labelled items:

• 2 changes of clothes (see notes below)

• 2 cot sheets, fitted and flat (please do not send sleeping bags)

• Winter:  Light Blanket

                   Spare Jumper

• Summer:  Rash vest for water play

• A ‘comforter’ i.e. small teddy or blanket can be brought to be used at rest times 

Clothing Guidelines:


In striving to adhere closely to our Montessori principles that encourage independence in a calm, focused environment and the confident development of one's own identity,  it is important that children arrive at the Children's House in appropriate clothing each day.  

Clothing that is distracting, encourages fantasy play and imitation ( (ie "dress-ups") or is difficult for children to manage has a significant impact in a range of ways and we would greatly appreciate it if parents could help by observing the following clothing guidelines:

  • Clothing, accessories, sheets, drink bottles, bags and/or shoes worn or brought to school should not display Disney, superhero or other similar fantasy movie or TV characters. These items can pose a strong distraction for the children and do not support the Montessori approach based in reality.

  • Children’s clothes should allow freedom of movement and be suitable for activities including water-play, painting, gardening and climbing. 

  • Clothing should be easy for children to manage alone. It is a great triumph for young children to be able to dress themselves, building self-confidence and independence. Long skirts/dresses, tutu’s, overalls and excessive layers are difficult for children to manage with independent toileting and can be hazardous in the playground.

  • Sun safe clothing such as plain leggings, loose pants, t-shirts (with sleeves to at least mid upper arm) and leggings/shorts are ideal for Summer for both boys and girls.  If your child reacts to mosquitoes and midges, we recommend loose fitting, full length lightweight cotton shirts and pants. 

  • Please send sun safe swimmers for water play to help avoid excessive changes of clothing.

It is essential that all items are labelled as we cannot take responsibility for lost clothing.  Labels can be purchased online from a range of companies including Tiny Me ( and That's Mine (   Any found items will go to the collection baskets in the hall but as we have very limited storage space, all items remaining at the end of each month are sent for donation. 

We do enforce this policy strictly and children arriving in inappropriate clothing will need to be changed into plain space clothing for the day.  We would like to avoid this scenario if possible so we thank you in advance for your support and understanding.  

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