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Dear Families 

In choosing Hope Island Montessori for your child, our hope and desire is that you support and embrace our vision which is wholly based in Montessori principles.   We are different in many ways to most child care settings, starting with the genuine belief that our building, and all within it, belongs to the children - hence being known as “The Children’s House”.

It is carefully designed to allow the child to feel safe, comfortable, independent and empowered. It is a home away from home, completely geared to the size, pace, and interests of the child and the children take great pride in caring for their classrooms and garden.   Even very small children are responsible for the care of their own child-sized environment.    

With this in mind, we do adhere to routines that require support from our parents to achieve the best outcomes for our children.   By providing consistency for your child, they will gain a strong sense of security through routine and order, as well as feel a part of their community. Important lessons can be reinforced at every opportunity, allowing them to learn and grow into their full potential.

Please familiarise yourself with the following information relating to arrival each day at the Children’s House. Please ask your child’s Educator if you have any questions.

  • The school day begins as you step out of the car.   Please ask your child to carry their own bag as well as use their “careful walking feet”, “looking eyes” and “quiet voices” from the car to the gate.   This not only encourages your child to begin their school day independently and peacefully, it also demonstrates respect for the environment and reinforces road/car park safety.   If arriving late and entering via the ramp, please be especially mindful of entering quietly as running feet and loud voices disrupts the class during work cycle.

  • Please arrive prior to 8.30.  This ensures your child can socialise in the garden before beginning their uninterrupted work cycle. This is a 3 hour period of concentrated learning that is crucial to gaining the most from the Montessori program.   Late arrival not only impacts this opportunity for your child, it disrupts the rest of the class and often contributes to a more difficult separation from parents and a less positive start to the day.

  • Please utilise the area outside of the gate for hugs, kisses and goodbyes. Once ready to separate, please ring the bell for an Educator to facilitate a brief and positive handover.   Lengthy goodbyes often result in heightened emotions.  Also please be aware that Educators are required to supervise all children and are unable to engage in extended conversation at this time. Please make an appointment for a meeting should you require a longer discussion.

  • Parents are respectfully asked to remain outside the gate at drop off.  This is to reinforce that The Children’s House is the domain of our children and that their school day has begun once they enter through the gate. This also allows them to easily follow routines around packing their belongings away and properly preparing for their morning.   It is a wonderful thing to observe the independence and confidence that flourishes with this process and for this reason, something we place great emphasis on.  

  • At times we are also supporting new children in their transition process where we strongly focus on developing security through familiarity and limiting change. The presence of unknown faces can impact this important settling in period.   

We thank you for your support as we continually strive to offer an authentic and exceptional Montessori journey for your child.

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