Our Montessori Early Learning Centre, known as the Children's House, is a unique and unparalleled setting where educators, parents and visitors demonstrate the utmost respect for our children, for one other and for our exceptional learning and play environment. 
Through gentle guidance in peaceful surroundings, we encourage our children to discover their unique abilities, 

acquire a lifelong love of learning and become independent, confident citizens within their community.


In our traditional Montessori environment, children are able to develop at their own pace with gentle guidance from their teachers.  They move freely within prepared classrooms, selecting work that captures their interest.   Every day, our objective is to help our children to learn independently and retain the curiosity, creativity and intelligence with which they were born.


With a diversity of cultures and experiences and a range of Montessori and Early Childhood qualifications, our exceptional Educators are genuinely committed to helping children discover their unique strengths and interests. Inspired by Maria Montessori, our entire team is passionate about making a wonderful difference in the lives of children during their tender early years.



Our Children's Garden provides a beautiful, natural space full of amazing opportunities for exploration, learning and play.  This rich, multi sensory environment allows for both free play and structured learning, enhancing our daily program in an endless variety of ways.  The Children's Garden is an enchanted space featuring timber, greenery, rocks, water and a wide variety of natural surfaces.


Creating harmony between the child's home and the Children's House fosters positive and peaceful transitions with a strong sense of security. We strive to become familiar with the ideas, routines and goals of parents, incorporating aspects of the home culture into our program and nurturing in ways that are familiar to the child where-ever possible.  

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